Lesson in “Who moved my cheese?”

Lesson in “Who moved my cheese?”

I will comment about “Who moved my cheese?” written by Spencer Johnson.

I think that the maxim expressed in one sentence is not necessarily correct for all people. 

It is because the each person's temperament and their faced situation are various. Therefore, when reading a self-development book, you need to think about whether the lesson is suitable for you. 

If you were person injured with a foot in this story, what should you behave? You couldn’t take actions that are similar to mouse. It is dangerous to fully accept the lessons and maxims of successful people.

Summary : two little people and two mice

At first, I will write about an overview of this book. This book is mainly composed of one case study. The characters are two little people (Hem and Haw) and two mice (Sniff and Scurry) looking for cheese from the maze. The maze represents the society where we live, and the cheese symbolizes honor and happiness.

Who moved my cheese?

The four can find the cheese as a result of exploring the maze. However, the cheese they find will be exhausted gradually. Sniff immediately found depletion of cheese. Scurry acted as soon as cheese runs out. After hesitating for a while, after all Haw went looking for new cheese. 

Hem did not affirm the change till the end, tried to counter the change. From the behavior of each of the four, we can think how we should deal with change.

What is written as the most important lesson of this book is as follows. 

”It needs to act when cheese disappears. Let's overcome fear of change and find the next cheese.” 

Several other lessons learned, but I felt it was a modest write. The author Spencer may had understood that the correct behavior varies depending on the situation. We have action guidelines contradictory to each other in our minds, and actions are determined by subtle situation differences. 

Two little people and two mice in the story represent our mind. In fact, there will be more people and mice in our mind. Which little people and mice are right is varies on the situation. However, it is clearly stated that it is better not to take action like Hem when facing change.

In my experience, the person who only is waiting can rarely get cheese. Actually cheese in the maze is slowly moving on a belt conveyor. So there are some cases where cheese comes. However, it is more likely that those who moved by themselves will get cheese than waiting.

What is your cheese?

We can obtain hints for happiness by practicing following thoughts.

  1. What is your cheese?
  2. Is that cheese now in your hand?
  3. If cheese is not in your hand, you should think that whether you are afraid of change like Hem.

If you are Hem now, you need to take a step with overcoming fear. But for some people, this is the most difficult thing. anxiety for unpredictable future is sometimes serious enough to lead us to disease. Unfortunately in this book, the technique to overcome that fear is not described. It is written only that you will be released from fear when you move one step.

I also think that effective measure against anxiety is to keep walking. The solution is to keep walking in the maze at all times without making time to feel fear. Because you stop walking, the fears attack on you. I think that it is necessary for us to continue to search for the next cheese, even if we find cheese.