Granblue Fantasy: A lot of Hamsa!

Granblue Fantasy: A lot of Hamsa!

I did premium draw in 9/1. I did not have Anila yet so I exchanged her with 300 cerulean sparks. My premium draw result is below.

SSR weapon: 13 (Gold moon: 9)
SSR summon: 10
My total ratio of SSR and draw: 7.6 %
Six of the summons are Hamsa, new summon. I drew a lot of Hamsa. To be honest, it is not necessary so much.

Granblue Fantasy: A lot of Hamsa

My draw ratio of Hamsa is 2%. Since premium draw ratio is 0.5%, so I am loved by Hamsa too much. My SSR draw ratio excluding Hamsa is 5.6%. Depending on way of thinking, it is below the expected value of premium draw. Status value of Hamsa which have no star is Max HP360, MAX AP903It’s aura is 80% boost to wind characters attack/10% boost to wind allies’ HP. I uncapped Hamsa.

Granblue Fantasy Hamsa1

There was no change in the calling effect. But aura is change to 100% boost to wind characters attack/10% boost to wind allies’ HP. If person are just beginning this game, or not have grimnir, may be able to use it as a main summon stone. I have grimnir, so it is no use. (It have removing 1buff effect. So I will use this summon when battle with monster having strong buff. )

Granblue Fantasy Hamsa2
Hamsa's summon movie is cute

What is Hamsa ?

Hamsa is a sacred bird of Hinduism. Woman riding bird is not Hamsa. Hindu gods ride on, the woman may be noble person. Example Zaoshen, I feel increasing of Oriental Gods characters using. Maybe oriental God characters increase in future.