Granblue Fantasy: 18/9 Proto Bahamut Impossible

Granblue Fantasy: 18/9 Proto Bahamut Impossible

Proto Bahamut Impossible(P.B.HL)called tsuyobaha, was the highest difficulty raid battle. That's already the past story. 

The difficulty level fell at a stroke because it became possible to extend the paralysis for 90 seconds by Tweyen.

・2018/9 Proto Bahamut Impossible circumstances
・How much fighting power is needed?
・Drop of gold brick

2018/9 Proto Bahamut Impossible circumstances

If you are going to join P.B.HL, now you'd better join from the co-op room. High rank player repeat generating the raid battle and it is the situation of excess supply now. There are always 2 to 5 raid battle recruitments. 

Among them, you should join in a room where 18 people are likely to gather soon. In co-op room, the player who generated raid battle must paralyze P.B.HL by Tweyen. Since the difficulty changes greatly depending on the presence or absence of paralysis extension, player who cannot extend paralysis cannot gather other player. In rare case there are rooms not stated paralysis extensions in the recruitment comment field, but it is safe for beginners to enter a room written as extended paralysis as possible. 

In addition, it is better not to enter recruitment by twitter because it has not promised extension of paralysis. At present, the battle in co-op room is unlikely to fail. The time to hunt is also quite short, on the order of 3 to 4 minutes. When P.B.HL HP cuts below 50%, player who generated raid battle performs paralysis. After that, it is now the standard flow to defeat P.B.HL while paralysis occurrence.

Proto Bahamut Impossible1
Bahamut is given Various debuffs in addition to paralysis

How much fighting power is needed?

P.B.HL not only drops the supreme merit, the champion merit, but also drops the blue sky crystal. It drops primeval horn too. P.B.HL is raid battle which rank 101 or higher player can join. A year ago (2017), the player who just became Rank 101 should not enter this raid battle. I think that it have become battle that anyone can enter. 

There is no need to feel bad if you have only 2~3 luminiera sword omega, or not have 100% damage cut. As a fighting power, I think that you can join if you arrange 10 attacking weapons side by side. The following points need to be noted.

・Join in co-op room raid battle 
 which promised extension of paralysis.

・If you are not player who generated raid battle,
  you must not use paralysis.

・Don’t use Panacea by sage. 
 (Until 90%HP ,Peace of mind too)

・Ex. Lucifer, don’t use HP recovery summons.

・Don’t use concludere by Elysian.

Only the player who generated raid battle is allowed to paralyze. Other player use paralysis, cause unnecessary confusion for each players. At the worst, the paralysis effect which extended the effect time is overwritten and disappears. 

Player who have Tweyen should take care not to invoke paralysis. Also, since it interferes with players who are using a enmity skill party, recovery actions that are effective for participating player are disliked. Let's refrain from concludere as it will affect the participants.

Drop of gold brick

In P.B.HL, gold brick drop extremely rarely from the MVP treasure chest. For that reason, it is also a raid battle which the high ranked player are repeating join. It is an impression that players up to about the top 8 are contributing to reducing P.B.’s HP to some extent.

 About 5 people are only doing a single attack. Drop of the MVP treasure chest is up to sixth place, but the contribution degree border changes greatly every time. You may not be in sixth place with 70 million total damages. The 1st to 3rd places are mostly monsters with total damage of over 200 million.

 I think it is realistic to target within 6th place. If you are within 6th place, there is even a slight possibility of obtaining gold brick. It is important how much damage can be given around 20 turns. By the way, you can get Prestige pendants full of 70 points at around 45 million damages.

Proto Bahamut result