Dead body corruption and methane gas occurrence

Dead body corruption and methane gas occurrence

How does the body become if the animal dies? I wrote about a little eerie story.

In Japan, when a person dies, the body is cremated and it becomes ash. But this time, I will write about the dead body left without treatment and cremation.


・Three kinds of changes occur in dead body
・John Gacy and dead body
・Whale's explosion

Dead body and methane gas

Three kinds of changes occur in dead body

The dead body is decomposed into carbon dioxide or methane gas, or becomes a natural mummy and keeps its shape permanently. Dead bodies of animals are subdivided by bacteria and microorganisms, but at the same time they are decomposed into carbon dioxide by oxidation reaction with oxygen. When the dead body is buried in the ground, methane gas is generated due to decay because of low oxygen content.

In addition to the peripheral parts of limbs, the internal organs decay first. When methane gas fills the body of the carcass due to rot of the internal organs, the belly of the carcass may blister and burst.

Rupture of the corpse, this is a very bad phenomenon in terms of sanitation. The reason is that bacteria that have breed in the body by rupture disperse in atmosphere. In order to avoid sanitary problems, the dead body applied antiseptic treatment called embalming.

John Gacy and dead body

In the middle of the 20th century, in the case of a serial killer who is model of the book "it"; John Wayne Gacy, the investigation of the body killed was tremendous. John Wayne Gacy had abandoned many dead bodies killed by him under his house's floor. So, dead bodies that were excavated released methane gas and other toxic gas.

Dead bodies buried under the floor were all rotten and the on-site policemen got intense dizziness and nausea in the methane gas that had occurred from dead bodies. Because odor is too awful, clothing which touched the odor became impossible to eliminate the odor and became dangerous on hygiene as well. So it was incinerated. In addition, corpses buried in the ground began to rot again as they touched the air. A large amount of substances dangerous for person was detected, and further bacteria with strong toxicity were detected. For this reason, the county has let investigators to report their wound, and Kept away investigators who has wound. In addition, county prohibited them from shaving the beard. The morgue of the police station turned into a gas chamber.(quotation from Wikipedia Japan)

Although it is fiction, an investigation using the fact that the body generates methane gas by corruption is done in the movie "Red Dragon". In this movie, there is a word that "Find the corpse of a cat buried in the ground with a methane gas detector".

Whale's explosion

The explosion of corpses by methane gas is not limited to human bodies. A number of cases have been reported worldwide in which a whale's body exceeding 20 m in length have been launched to the shore and methane gas accumulated in the body causes an explosion. Whale’s weight is tens of tons. The explosion of the gas stored in that huge body does not compare with the explosion of the human body. When a whale is launched on the coast, it is dangerous to leave it on the spot.

This time I wrote about the theme of decay of the dead body. When I was young, I had a sad feeling why we must burned our beloved person's body. Now that I became an adult, since my Knowledge spreads out than my early age, I reconsidered the corpse.